Our team is comprised of highly experienced multilingual and multidisciplinary experts with backgrounds in law-enforcement, corporate and legal sectors.
Mr. Bazikalov has over two decades of experience providing multi-jurisdictional investigative and intelligence gathering services to corporate executives and litigators pursuing resolution of their most sensitive matters. He managed thousands of investigations, leveraging human capital with latest technology, legal, and financial databases. Mr. Bazikalov’s work resulted in millions of dollars in saved and recovered assets for his clients.
Among his other credentials are:
  • The only Certified Legal Investigator (CLI, by the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI)) in the province of Quebec (2nd in all of Canada),
  • Certified International Investigator (CII) by the Council of International Investigators,
  • Certified Master Investigator (CPIO-MI) by the Council of Professional Investigators of Ontario,
  • Serves on the board of NALI as an International Regional Director,
  • Honours B.Soc.Sc in Criminology and Minor in Psychology from the University of Ottawa,
  • Communicates in English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Over 20 years of Experience

MADPI GLOBAL has helped thousands of clients protect themselves against fraud and dishonest practices, recover stolen funds, locate witnesses, obtain crucial evidence they needed for litigation purposes, and stir their businesses and lives towards a much better future. We focus our attention on what matters and leave no stone unturned to provide our clients with compelling evidence, insightful analytics, and solid strategic vision, ensuring accuracy and precision in legal cases.

Successful Cases

We boast a remarkable 96%
success rate in resolving cases.


We provided local services
in over 60 countries.


We're part of a reliable global
network of industry partners.

What Makes Us Successful

Workflow Efficiency
Our well-established internal processes optimize your case journey, ensuring smooth progression from inception to conclusion. This empowers us to enhance overall efficiency, enabling a focused commitment to high-value investigative tasks, ultimately delivering superior outcomes for our clients. Acurately, Criatively, and Discreetly.
Legal Research
Seamless access to an extensive array of investigative resources – including dependable legal, government, and private databases, along with advanced analytical tools. We deliver focused meticulous research, fortify cases, and uncover precise evidence, ensuring client satisfaction through robust outcomes. Ethically, Quickly, and Effectively.
Attention to Detail
Our understanding of your case, the legal system, employment of various investigating techniques, and relentless pursuit of truth, brings to light new evidence. We illuminate unexplored angles, strengthening your approach and uncovering valuable insights for comprehensive case resolution. Expertly, Reliably, and Confidentially.


We offer comprehensive local and international coverage, leveraging our deep expertise and access to information in Quebec, Ontario, throughout Canada, the United States, and across the globe. Our extensive network and knowledge base enables us to deliver top-tier services tailored to the specific needs of our clients, regardless of their geographical location. Whether it's a local matter or a global concern, we are well-equipped to provide effective solutions.


Asset Searches
Uncover financial data and hidden evidence in recovery or disputes, to help negotiations and case resolution.
Vendor & Business Partner Screening
Ensure transparency and reduce risks by thoroughly screening and mitigating potential uncertainties.
Enhanced Due Diligence
Gain insights into involved parties with comprehensive due diligence services, enhancing understanding in civil matters.
Financial & Legal Profiling
Build detailed profiles of relevant entities with our profiling services, aiding your understanding of the case’s key players.
Corporate Intelligence Analysis
Attain comprehensive corporate landscape insights through our covert intelligence-gathering expertise.
Cyber Investigations & Threat Monitoring
Protect sensitive data, proactively monitor and counter threats. Our cyber solutions and security measures, will effectivelly enhance cybersecurity.
IP and Brand Protection Services
Trust us to tackle your toughest intellectual property challenges with our premium brand-protection services, discretely, confidentially and reliably..
Accredited TSCM Sweep Services
Safeguard against breaches and eavesdropping with Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services.

Highly Skilled Private Investigators

Our firm holds licenses in both Quebec and Ontario, enabling us to apply our expertise across various jurisdictions and international contexts, delivering comprehensive global solutions to our clients. The cornerstone of our commitment to excellence is our diverse team of professionals, hailing from various cultures and disciplines, who possess an exceptional breadth of knowledge and skills.

We specialize in investigating companies, individuals, products, activities, trademarks, digital content, and any other elements crucial for advancing and protecting your business interests. Our approach is tailored to the unique risk profile of each client, ensuring the delivery of results you need within 24 hours. We also offer on-site investigations on a global scale to provide accessible and adaptable services.

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